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What you'll get

iconQuality ready-made, home-cooked meals.

You are on your way home, and you have no idea what to prepare for dinner. Then why not pick up the phone, and Dial-A-Chef. We will provide you with a well-balanced home style cooked meal. Our meals are prepared daily,(Mon - Fri) and delivered to your home.

You have come to our site as you have much better things to do than to be concerned about what your family will be having for dinner tonight.

As we put it: Fancy a home-style cooked meal? We make sure that you receive exactly this.

We say, rather spend your valuable time with your family and friends and receive the meal you deserve from Dial-A-Chef.

No need for you to buy any ingredients needed to prepare the meal.

No need for you to slave away in the kitchen.

All of this we at Dial-A-Chef do for you. We prepare a well-balanced meal for you on a daily basis and deliver it to you as well. All you have to do is to reheat and enjoy!

One of our long standing customers once remarked by saying that our service is so convenient, all that is left to do after you have had your meal is to lick your knife and fork and put them back into the drawer!



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