District Six Guesthouse

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iconConvenient location.
iconComfortable accommodation.
iconHeritage site.

The District Six Guesthouse is a National Heritage Site and the front door is portal to the famous District Six.

With District Six on it's doorstep, the Guesthouse provides a portal from where, within walking distance, visitors are able to explore the historic locale and the City center. Cape Malay hospitality, renowned for its warmth and endearment, as well as the provision of old Cape Malay traditional cuisine with its unique flavor and condiment, makes for a stay of memorable experience. All foods are strictly Halaal and the consumption of alcohol is not allowed on the premises.

The significance of our guesthouse-site having been declared a National Heritage Site. In effect, our accommodation, consisting of three cottages, is an adaption, during Victorian times, of farm cottages that were attached to the Zonnebloem farmhouse. District Six Guesthouse is within walking distance to: Mosques, Churches, Cape Town Technicon and the Convention Centre. 


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District Six Guesthouse