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iconWe manage a wide range of events
iconWe create art through distinctive furniture & centrepieces
iconWe offer powerful brand development & activation services

If you can dream it, you can do it! Anything is possible in our beautiful country! D’masque is a proudly South African, multifaceted business with a global approach to the work we do. From boardroom to big scale extravaganzas and anything in between, we have the skills, dedication, in-house resources and strategic partnerships to make it happen.

As an end-to-end event, campaign and conference planning business, we are well positioned to handle each and every detail of your event. Working on a concept-to-completion process, our team will work closely with you right from the very first step all the way through to the final wrap up and consolidation of your event. We believe in creating solutions that focus on entertaining and educating the target audience.

Our team knows that a wedding is not only an acknowledgement and celebration of a couple’s love and commitment, but also a culmination of years of dreams and desires. It is with this in mind that we have, propelled by curiosity and passion, made it our journey to create distinctive inspirational weddings to assist couples such as you. Décor is a core part of our business and we believe that décor is not simply decoration, but an art form. It is with this philosophy in mind that we customise decor solutions to create art through distinctive furniture and centre pieces, floral artistic invention and style inspiration for that unforgettable event.

An office reception area can be breath taking, a home interior can be inspiring and your wardrobe can express your uniqueness without a word. This understanding of the power of styling makes us a perfect partner in creating your superb look. Our team believes in creating events that focus on educating the target audience on the salient features of the brand. It is a process where we bring a brand to life through creating powerful brand experiences. When a strategy has been analysed and selected, the task to translate it into action is where our strength lies. We offer a full-house service that is not only focused on chasing awards, but is in line with your strategy and communications objectives.  


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