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iconLimitless possibilities for cooling your outdoor events
iconWe custom design every outdoor cooling system
iconWe provide misting fans for events, weddings and birthdays

Elegant Mist has created a sleek mist cooling system which offers limitless possibilities for cooling your outdoor events. Our misting fans and stands are portable, adjustable and available in your choice of black or white to compliment your event. The misting pump can be hidden well out of sight. The 18" misting fans can be mounted on.

Each event and venue is unique, therefore we customize each outdoor misting system to create optimum outdoor cooling. Elegant Mist is an outdoor event cooling and misting installation company based in the Los Angeles area. Whether you wish to buy or rent, our commercial-grade misting fans and stainless steel misting line offer many outdoor cooling solutions.

Our black or white slim-profile fans can be used for outdoor event cooling, tent cooling, sporting events, temporary spot cooling, deck misting, special effects fogging, pet cooling, warehouse and industrial cooling, and much more. We offer a wide range of Mist Cooling Systems. We custom design every outdoor cooling system to meet your specific mist cooling needs.


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