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iconWe specialise in the field of event management and corporate marketing
iconWe have planned and organised a wide range of events
iconWe have over 4 years of experience

EM’nM Marketing specialises in the field of event management and corporate marketing and has achieved enormous success, not only in the record books but also in the books of clients. We value the corporate image of the client. A corporate image is not something that is built on the sidelines, but it is the net result of interaction of experiences, impressions, beliefs, feelings and knowledge people have about a company.

This is the reason we emphasise the image of a client’s logos, business cards, signage, advertisements, brochures, displays, events and promotional items. All of these contribute to the corporate image of a company. We create a corporate identity tailored to your individual needs. We believe that, thorough understanding the client, product and market we will tailor an identity that will resonate throughout the market place.

We design the brand and corporate image that suites the style, market and image of what the company needs to dominate in the market place. Well planned branding will contribute to a more unified marketing strategy. The marketing effort of which branding is a priority can give your company a sharper and more competitive edge above your competitors.


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