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Rental Products for Special Events

Event Source provides superlative service and the finest-quality rental products to create memorable events. An extensive in-stock product line will suit any taste or style in quantities to customize any size event - from backyard picnic to a convention - from an intimate wedding to a gala.

Serving the Cleveland,...

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Date Founded: 1979

  • We've been family-owned and operated for 2 generations

  • We've been the source for event rentals for nearly 40 years

  • We're a single source all of your event rental needs

  • 2014 Rental Company of the Year

  • 2008-2011 CBC Rental Company of the Year

  • 2011 ISES WOW Award Winner-Best Event Support Services, Best Team Effort

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Event Source
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Cleveland, United States

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40 years

Event Source
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