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iconWe specialise in the origination, planning and execution of event risk analysis
iconWe offer VIP transportation and security services
iconWe offer paramedical and cleaning services

Eyethu Events is a company that specialises in the origination, planning, execution and assessment of event risk analysis, disaster management planning and execution, event security staffing, logistical support with regards to facilities - from fencing and ticket sales caravans to road markings, SAPS co-ordination including VIP Protection units, dog units and SANAP, city council and metro council approvals and event management approvals, Metro police co-ordination, including traffic control, fire safety planning and approval, noise pollution planning, approval and assessment, paramedical and medical emergency planning and co-ordination (Netcare 911, ER24, MMC or own staffing), local council legal regulation adherence, VIP transportation and security.

In essence our vision is to "own" an event in terms of owning responsibility for service delivery, which ultimately contributes to the safety and success of the event or function being presented by the organiser and/or sponsor. We will ensure quality service with great attention to detail and, with your input with regards to product knowledge and company background, there will be a very special touch of charisma and flair added to your function while keeping within the borders of sophistication and mutual respect.

We provide logistical support and facilitation requirements from fencing for special events, ticket sales caravans and road markings to vehicle cleaning for vehicle launches and test drives. Our cleaning service provides both staff and cleaning support in terms of cleaning equipment and materials suitable to the particular requirement of the event. Our e-Medics division has signed a long-term SLA with ER 24 that will deploy medical staff and resources during events and exhibitions, including the build-up and strikeout periods. Our security portfolio is available to service both short and long term needs, from single shift deployment at client headquarter office facilities and parking areas to children play centres.


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