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I would like to let all my followers know that I regularly run Prize draws or offers. I do prize draws on Facebook and also with the brides who have contacted UkBride. I run a voucher or competition at the main shows that I do such as SECC and The Corn Exchange.

These prizes or offers are at my discretion and have no terms and conditions - which means if you want to use only the money on the prize/voucher that is fine with me or if you want to put it towards a larger order that is up to you. This is not a scam - it is a form of marketing like any other and there are sometimes more than one bride that might get a voucher depending on what I decide to do.

If any bride does not want to take up this offer that is fine with me. I love my job and I work most of the time like now, late at night or at the weekends because it is not a job it is a passion ....It is so much fun to see a happy bride,



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