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iconWorked with emergency services exercises involving over 600 people
iconSpecialized in audio and video production
iconProvide total A-V support

When it comes to choosing a multimedia communications partner, there’s no substitute for experience.

We’ve been in the business for more years than we care to admit.  So, as far as audio and video production, webinars, podcasts and event A-V services is concerned, we really have been there, done that and, yes, got the T-shirt.

At heart, we‘re story tellers. We use our know-how, creativity and energy to bring your internal and external communications and training to life and get your messages across. Clearly and effectively.

While we’re undeniably lovers of all things technical, before we reach for our kit box we stop; we ask questions, listen and think.

Only when we understand your organisation, your objectives and the communications challenges you face can we deliver the video, webinar or event that will hit the sweet spot.

Clients appreciate our full service offering, from concept to creation providing everything from storyboarding, scripting, directing, filming and production as well as hosting, audience analytics and insight.  And for those who choose to be more hands-on, that’s good too.  We will work as part of your team adding our skills and experience to yours as needed.

We’re affordable; delivering London quality at provincial prices.  In fact, some of our clients are from London and many from much further away.

We have studios in Southampton, Hampshire, offices in Cambridgeshire, and we work on location with clients across the world.  So, wherever you’re based, and whatever your multimedia communications needs, we’d love to hear from you.


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