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What you'll get

iconSpecialize in providing event domes
iconOffer wide range of products and additional features
iconOffer exclusive event solutions

Freedomes is an international company specializing in providing event domes for all kinds of projects as well as permanent structures based on the geodesic dome idea. 

We are one of the few companies in our line of business that manufactures every single one of the dome structures in our offer and most surely the only one able to deliver such a wide range of products and additional features.

All structures in our offer are available for purchase and hire (both long and short term). Our logistics base consists of a qualified team able to handle even the most elaborate road show in the most efficient way and all the necessary tools they might need in order to do so.

Our experienced assembly crews are a guarantee that every single detail will be taken care of and even the shortest deadline will be met. There is not a single request that we are not able to fulfill and our solutions are dependable and safe.

The Freedomes brand was established in 2006 and the following two years were devoted to the development of the event domes prototypes as well as focusing on all the little details that make our current products stand out from the crowd of similar solutions.


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