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iconLarge or small budget, we can make it go further
iconOur mission is to deliver a unique and memorable event
iconWe offer over 40 West End theatres, private rooms and event spaces

Freespirit Events was formed in September 2002, a unique company with the experience of over 150 landmark events in the last 20 years by business partners from commerce and theatre. Having been behind almost all of London's big West End theatre launch parties and operating a successful theatre hospitality division and celebrations, all have a unique blend of theme, creativity and absolute attention to detail for the most demanding of clients.

We've selected the most enchanting locations, created the most spectacular experiences and delivered events at which the entertainment of your guests is our primary focus. We don't work to standard formulae, our name assures you of a totally different approach. We challenge the unobtainable - we've even chartered complete London Underground trains before now. Our mission is to deliver a unique and memorable event. Large or small budget, we can make it go further. We're a modern company with an efficient cost structure and unbelievable purchasing power with a huge contact base. That means our events deliver much more. 

Our partners have over 40 years of experience in industry, theatre and events management. We're also commercially focussed with a keen eye on the current business environment. We understand pressures on funding events and seek sponsorship as part of our service. We are a well-established theatre hospitality provider and launched Seat Live Premier in 2010 providing a one-stop theatre hospitality website with live booking available for many events.


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