Cape Town, South Africa

Grinder Films

Tabletop Cinematography - Food - Liquids - Product- Packs

Grinder Films is locayed in Cape Town, South Africa.They are Africa's only specialist Food & Beverage Tabletop Film Production company.

They have a 300 sqm. studio, purpose-built for the production of this specific advertising genre.Grinder specializes in production of commercials for the food & beverage sector and are specialists in such food-type specifics as Dry Foods, Sauces, Beer, Chocolates, Dairy, Juices and Ice Cream to mention just a few. They not only produce Tabletop but Performance/Live-Action parts as well.

Their approach is to homogenize performance and product elements to create a single and aligned look and message. They shoot in both studio and on location. Locally in South Africa as well as Internationally. Their main markets are Africa, Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Asia. Grinder Films also produces Photo/Stills Productions as well as prepares product substitutes, packs production and label printing.

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  • Specialist Tabletop Film Production company.
  • Highest production values.
  • Most efficient and cost effective.