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iconWe are focused on quality of photography and service
iconWe take down meticulous details to get to know what works for you
iconThe photography of your event is in the safest and most professional of photographic hands

For that once-in-a-lifetime event such as a wedding, civil partnership or barmitzvah, you want the best possible photos you can afford. So it’s important to be sure the photographer you choose is not someone who’s just picked up a digital camera and proclaims themselves a professional. We say that being a great wedding photographer London is akin to being a classical pianist. You might have the talent, or in the case of photography you might “have the eye” but unless you practice every day your skills will be rusty.

At Hayley Lehmann Wedding Photography London, we have been trading as photographers since 1996. We have knowledge of lighting, how to pose people, and we also hand design amazing albums. We’re professional photographers, with the qualifications, portfolio and testimonials to prove it.

We are focused on quality of photography and service. You won’t believe how many times someone has told us: “I hate having my photo taken” or “I bet you can’t make me look good”. Let us assure you we definitely know how to make people to look and feel their best, and just when to click that shutter to capture a defining moment in time. We do not believe in spending hours and hours of Photoshop work to try and make a mediocre photo look great. Our photographs are great as shot!


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