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What you'll get

iconA team of dedicated human staff and a well trained equine team
iconOne of the most pristine farms in the Midlands
iconUnique and innovative teaching methods

Today we use horses to teach leaders about leadership. I know of no better way to help those responsible for leadership – or those being groomed for leadership, to understand the leadership challenges they will encounter in the new world of work. If the world is changing, and we know it is, then it follows that leadership thinking and practice needs to change. In many instances this is easier said than done as, more often than not, successful leadership moulds prove particularly stubborn to any suggestions of change. Many leaders will readily acknowledge the changing context of leadership and may even acknowledge the need to change their own leadership approach. Yet, in spite of this, they still fail to make any meaningful adjustments. Well-worn habits prove hard to break and add some successful formula / experience into the mix, and you have the equivalent of leadership mould superglue!

‘Savvy’ is a word commonly used in the world of natural horsemanship and it is translated as knowing the why, what, when and how to doing something. Applying that meaning to leadership is both apt and instructional. Horse Whispering provides an experience that evokes profound thinking around the challenges of what it takes to lead into the future and specifically, in the context of the emerging Connection Economy. It is an experience that acts as a mirror to one’s own leadership ability and serves as an exceptional understudy to the Invitational Leadership model that we frequently speak about in TomorrowToday.


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