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Weatherill Brothers Ltd

WattonUnited Kingdom

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Marquee Manufacture and Sales, Hire and Repair

Weatherill Brothers are MUTA Industry Award Winners. Every marquee is designed and built using expert knowledge, gained by serving the marquee manufacturing and hire industry for over three decades.

Our marquees carry a name and reputation that’s been honed from a steadfast adherence to craftsmanship over years of serving the event industry....

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Date Founded: 1953

  • MUTA Industry Award Winners

  • Wide range of products in canvas and heavy duty PVC

  • Custom-building and hiring marquees since 1950

Eventerprise Years of Service Badge66
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Rentals > Tents / marquees
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Weatherill Brothers Ltd
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Watton, United Kingdom

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66 years

Weatherill Brothers Ltd
Tents / marquees