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Having lived and worked in the Alps, we've had our share of falls on icy streets. After we came across a car tyre chain manufacturer, we realised the same traction principles could be applied to footwear. Painful slips on winter ice could be avoided. Since that time we have  tested over 100 ice grips, ice cleats, shoe chains and other winter traction products.

We are uniquely qualified to offer advice to ensure you choose the most appropriate ice grips and winter traction products for your lifestyle and winter leisure activities. We stock one of the broadest ranges available on one website, many from the worlds leading manufacturers.

Users of our products feel reassured when walking on ice and snow and our ice grips for shoes and boots are regularly used by the emergency services, postmen, local authorities and in the oil industry. We have domestic and industrial customers across the UK and Europe and our products can be bought in both sterling and  euros.


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