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Jimmy's Kitchen has served the exciting food-loving city of Hong Kong for over 80 years. Looking at the impressive wood-panelled interior of the restaurants today, you would never guess that the original Jimmy's Kitchen was a bare-bone kind of place with scrub-top tables and naked light bulbs. The founder of the group, Aaron Landau, catered to the tough-minded entrepreneurs and adventurers who travelled between Hong Kong and China and the sailors and service men of the US fleets.

It's been said that more business deals have been settled over the tables in our restaurants than in any boardroom in the city. The same discretion also made the restaurants popular with the big movie stars of the 50s and 60s. Cary Grant, John Wayne and William Holden to name but a few, all visited Jimmy's. William Holden even steadfastly took his steaming bowl of French onion soup with him when firemen politely requested that the restaurant be evacuated because of a small fuse-box fire.

In 1947, when Aaron Landau retired, the restaurant was taken over by his son, Leo. With his incredible energy and famous good humour he was a natural host. Jimmy's Kitchen blossomed like never before due largely to Leo's warmth and attention to detail. In a newspaper interview in February 1976, Leo admitted: "Father always resisted suggestions of change. It was only after his death in 1948 that I gradually started adding frills to the old lady." Even quite a few of our steady customers were first brought to the restaurant as very young children by their parents.

This sense of continuity and consistency is what we are all about. These restaurants provide a calm oasis in an ever-changing choice of food fads and trendy venues. At Jimmy's you expect to receive good food at a reasonable price and that is precisely what you get. The pure sensual pleasure of good food is made all the more enjoyable when shared with family and friends. Our convivial atmosphere makes us a popular place to celebrate birthdays, engagements, wedding anniversaries or any of life's joyful occasions.


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