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iconWe provide an experience that prioritises convenience and aptitude
iconWe're South Africau2019s largest purpose-built events venue
iconWe're one of Johannesburg's best-known landmarks

Johannesburg Expo Centre – South Africa’s largest purpose-built exhibition, conference, convention and events venue – is one of Johannesburg’s best known landmarks. The Centre is owned by the UK-based Montgomery Group, black economic empowerment consortium Fluxrab (led by Andrew Mthembu), local entrepreneur Raymond Burke and Craig Newman as CEO.

In addition to positioning itself as the exhibition, conference and event organisers’ venue of choice, we are committed to strategically aligning ourselves with carefully selected partners that provide an experience that prioritises convenience and aptitude. We are Southern Africa’s largest newly renovated exhibition, conference and events venue and welcome you to experience world class service.

What sets us apart from the rest is over 42,000 square meters of indoor space, over 100,000 square meters of outdoor space, 20,000 parking bays and 24 hour security, easy and quick access leading in and out of all our halls and in-house 7 star catering.

Our vision is to maintain our position as one of Southern Africa’s leading national and international exhibition, conference, convention and events centres. Over the years we have kept pace with the remarkable growth of the local exhibition and conference industries, evolving into a world-class facility that offers exhibitors, visitors and delegates a first rate experience. Our mission is to harness our professionalism, flexibility and hospitality to offer our clients world-class service, and to ensure that their experience always exceeds their expectations


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Johannesburg Expo Centre