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Joseph's Limousine Services

LivingstonUnited States

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NJ's Premier Limo Co. since 1990

Joseph’s Limousine Service has been New Jersey’s premier limo company since 1990. The company provides daily specials, airport transportation, wedding packages, prom specials, hourly rates for nights on the town, and much more.

With more than two decades in business, Joe’s Limo has built its reputation on providing safe, reliable,...

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Date Founded: 1990

  • We provide car service for all occasions

  • We have been serving since 1990

  • We provide affordable transportation at the highest level of comfort and style

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Joseph's Limousine Services
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Livingston, United States

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29 years

Joseph's Limousine Services
Vehicle hire
Wedding services
Travel services
+1 973 535 6420+1 973 535 6420