What you'll get

iconI have been serving since 1990
iconI provide inspired support and deliver winning presentations
iconI can make your eyes pop out of your skull with some visual candy

I have been passionate about Magic and Mind Reading since the young age of seven. I was truly fortunate to be surrounded by the best family that encouraged me to chase my dream and hone my craft. I performed my first magic show at ten years old. That means I have been at it for almost three decades. Wow, that's a long time. Years of practice and dedication has kept me in the forefront of the industry, but I truly believe that it has been the care and attention to details that I deliver to my clients that has made me such a sought out entertainer.

I was introduced to Mentalism and Hypnosis in 1990. My mentor Adam was a very well known entertainer. He pointed out to me that I was very intuitive and that I naturally had an ability to control peoples thoughts and actions. It was Adam that helped me develop my first mind reading and hypnosis show. This is when I became a Hypnogician.


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