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Blackburn Trailers Ltd have been manufacturing bespoke trailers and vehicles of all types for many years. During that time we developed the Kompak brand – a range of exhibition and display trailers.

Kompak exhibition trailers have evolved into a market leading brand, earning a solid reputation for innovative design and sound engineering. We have produced every type of vehicle from hand carts and newspaper kiosks to HGV articulated exhibition roadshow units and worked with individuals and companies from market traders to multinational market makers.

Throughout the years our designs and engineering have stood the test of time with most of the trailers we have built still in use. Many of our customers have become regular repeat customers with success stories along the way.

Creativevents Champagne Bar is one such success. Adrian Wilson came to see us in 1996 with a small amount of funding from the Princes Trust and we built him a 7m mobile champagne bar and since then Creativevents, as the company became known, has been back every year for another and another trailer. Creativevents is now one of the UK’s leading indoor and outdoor event catering companies. We’re delighted with Adrian’s success and chuffed that we’ve been able to help along the way.

With a combined experience of more than 50 years in trailer design and manufacture, the team at Blackburn Trailers are still enthusiastic and committed to achieving customer satisfaction and success. We look forward to working with you on your future projects.


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Kompak Exhibition Trailers