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iconWe're a fully catered bartending service
iconWe provide a high quality and prompt drink service
iconWe are a responsive, affordable, professional and reliable mobile bartending service

Since 2009, Liquid Engineers have been conceding the best cocktails, shots, bar designs and delightful leisure. We are a professional bartending service provider specialised in making your private event a lasting memory for years to come! Our services range from private parties, weddings, company functions, sporting events or just a large backyard barbecue. Adding a bartender will impress your guests and make your life a whole lot easier and you can rest assured that your event will be fun and smoothly running.

Relax and be a guest at your own party with a fully-catered bartending service with some of the best bartenders in your area! For most people, bartending is pouring beverage in glasses and serving it to people. We see it differently, to us, it is the art of creating and mixing cocktails and providing an unforgettable and entertaining experience at your wedding event or gathering. We also supply some of the best bartenders in town!

We're proud to provide the most charismatic, friendly and professional bartenders in the region. Our high quality and prompt cocktail service and entertainment is insured, no matter the occasion or location. We are a responsive, affordable, professional and reliable mobile bartending service company with tailor made solutions for your wedding or event.

A combined experience of more than 25 years, our staff is young, energetic, fun and dedicated to giving you an unforgettable experience.


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