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What is Event Liability?
Event liability describes damages for which the event organizer becomes legally liable to pay to third parties following accidental death or bodily injury or illness of any person. It also covers loss or damage to their property.

What is the amount you should insure for?
This is a question often asked and there is no standard rule. To decide on the correct limit, the event organizer must consider the following risk factors:
The venue – consider size, capacity and specific requirements noted by the venue owners;
Type of event – are you hosting a concert, a conference or participants in a sporting event? The risks associated with each type of event are vastly different;
Profile of typical person attending - risk profile differs for international conferences, corporate events and local entertainment events;
Size of crowd - how many people are expected to turn up?
Temporary structures – these include stages, stands and marquees;

What must you do to obtain the cover?
You need to complete a proposal form and advise us of all relevant information. You will need to have proper risk management practices in place such as a JOC (Joint Operations Committee) which makes reference to proper security, medical assistance and crowd control. It is your responsibility to ensure that the sub - contractors (if any) are properly qualified and adequately insured for the duties they need to perform.

What sub-limits or extensions can be included in your cover?
Employers Liability – can include freelance crew and cast but will never include sub-contractors and their crew;
Emergency Medical Expenses – this section is not based on negligence. In short, we will pay for you to transport an injured third party to the nearest medical facility;
Spread of Fire
* Legal Defence Costs – this will cover all costs relating to the breach of a relevant statute;
Wrongful Arrest and Defamation;
Temporary Construction;
Food and Drink – this will cover all caterers and food vendors at your event;
Sub-Contractors – if you are doubtful of the quality of their stated cover, we will build this into your policy;
Damage to venue (including pitch and field where relevant) – what does your contract state with the venue owner and are you accepting responsibility?
Participants – covers athletes who are injured whilst participating as a result of your negligence.


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