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iconCustomer care.

Welcome to a fresh approach to outsourced contact centre services. Mango 5 is South Africa's preferred quality outsourced sales call centre with branches in Cape Town and Durban.

We provide outsourced services to English speaking international clients as well as to French speaking clients.

As if being based in South Africa's most beautiful cities, is not enough, Mango 5 - a success orientated, premium quality, contact centre service provider - offers you added value for your money.

We specialize in inbound and outbound call services. We can call your delegates and make sure they received their invites, do follow up calls and surveys.

No matter how big or small your requirenments, call us and we'll see how best we can assist you. Our services include:

  • Outbound & Inbound Sales
  • Marketing Surveys
  • Sales Prospecting & Lead Generation
  • Data Enrichment Campaigns

Do you ever wish you had a crystal ball? Mango 5 puts method behind the guess work by utilising experience gained in the direct mail and insurance environments. These principles can be applied across a range of other markets sectors. Our auxiliary services have the answer, they include:

  • Response Models
  • Customer Retention Strategies (CRM)
  • Collection Strategies
  • After Sales Follow Up


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