Ventura, United States

Microphone Heroes Live Band Karaoke

The ultimate rock star singing experience

It's the ultimate rock star singing experience!!! Forget everything you know about karaoke! There is no karaoke machine -- instead, you sing on stage with a live, rocking band of professional musicians. You are the lead singer, the star in the spotlight. We play all the music with guitars, drums, and synthesizers and sing back-up harmonies with you. The band's mission is to make you sound great and feel like a rock star!

Lyrics appear on a video monitor in front of you in perfect sync with the band. Unleash your inner rock star with Microphone Heroes Live Band Karaoke! You have to sing it to believe it!

Microphone Heroes Live Band Karaoke provides unique and memorable entertainment for any event or venue: parties, fairs, festivals, clubs, restaurants, corporate events, public functions, receptions, promotions, theme parks, entertainment zones and more!

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be the lead singer in a real, live rock band? That dream can now come true with microphone heroes, the premiere live karaoke band! You'll have your choice from hundreds of the most popular karaoke hit songs spanning past decades through today, including classic rock, top 40, R and B, and country! It's truly unique entertainment for any event or venue!

Rating & Reviews

Date Founded: 2006
  • Over a decade of experience
  • Unique and memorable entertainment
  • We perform with a live band