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iconProfessionalism in every aspect of product care and customer service.
iconReliability and responsiveness.
iconHonesty, Integrity and transparency with all transactions with our public.

Ponelopele Tombstone and Funeral Services is a South African company established in 1996. Ponelopele TFS has through the years developed to become a leading multifaceted company and one of the best service providers to out source and contract.

We provide funeral services, bricks and tombstone manufacturing, ready mix concrete and sand, printing and designing, transportation services, general construction, livestock sales, and catering services. Our wide range of services provide our clients with convenience and peace of mind.

Ponelopele TFS prides itself in adopting the "Just-in-time principle" which guarantees complete customer satisfaction, high quality products and services to all its clients.


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Ponelopele Tombstone And Funeral Services