United States, Monaco

Richard Nilsson

The Art of Living

Businessman, connoisseur, patron of the arts and The Original Luxury Lifestyle Designer. The man with the happy smile has been given many labels during his career. Richard Nilsson is today in charge of For the Adventure of Humanity project, he created the now legendary luxury lifestyle concept of Oxygene Mansions, he owns the extravagant Villa Oxygene – favourite resort of the celebrites, and he is heavily involved in charity projects all over the world.

His ability to take risks and his sense of good business has made him a rich man, not only in the terms of money, but also in the terms of friends all over the world. Richard arranges the best setting for the ultimate entertainment experience, whether it is a fashion show, VIP party, brand launch, conference or other event.

We bring you world class events and top of the line entertainment in the most sophisticated venues. We arrange the best settings for the ultimate entertainment experiences wether it is fashion, VIP parties, brand launching, conferences or other events.

Our events are unforgettable and make a high impact. We work close with the fashion industry, the music industry, the art industry and more. Every event is tailor made for the specific occassion to differentiate and make the event special.

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  • We arrange best setting for luxury events
  • We provide the ultimate entertainment experience
  • We provide support to charity projects all over the world