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Make Every Day Special with Wedding, Birthday and Party Balloons!

We are always involved in the planning of different events where balloons are important. Skytoys balloon suppliers have a range of party balloons, birthday balloons, wedding balloons and branded balloons for any occasion.

We import a range of high-quality party balloons from Belgium. All our party balloons are made from biodegradable latex and vary in shape and size. We supply small and large orders to ensure you have enough balloons at your next birthday or wedding. We offer balloon printing to add personalised or fun messages to your birthday or wedding balloons. Why don’t you print something special on your wedding balloons for your partner on this special occasion? We also stock various balloon extras for a one stop party solution.

What is a birthday party without balloons? A birthday celebration is normally accompanied by guests, fun and party balloons. Birthday balloons are an indispensable part of a party because they add to the festivity of the event. Make your birthday party awesome by using birthday balloons filled with helium gas to create a festive atmosphere. If you had to rank what brings the most joy to children besides the cake and gifts, birthday balloons must be in the top 3.

Wedding balloons are usually used as reception decorations to create a festive atmosphere. can be used to construct an arch which makes a beautiful entrance and focal point for the occasion, can transform any wedding from mundane and ordinary into extraordinary and it doesn’t even have to cost you a lot. Create an exciting balloon feature at your wedding or birthday for a truly mesmerising effect.

Balloons - Released to fill the sky

We have been involved in hosting large-scale balloon releases for a number of corporates, notably the 2002, 702 Aids awareness release of 50 000 balloons. The Jozi landscape was coloured red with Skytoys balloons soaring into the sky.


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