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iconWe have 15 years of experience
iconWe offer bespoke communications strategies
iconWe provide a full service public relations consultancy

Stone Soup is a public relations consultancy specialising in business to business communication. It forms a part of The Iconic Group that offers every aspect of the ideal marketing mix – a true 360-degree approach that allows for deep client understanding and fast delivery, on time and on budget. It takes its name from an ancient fable that advocates creative co-operation as a prerequisite for working for the greater good of any initiative.

A full service PR consultancy, we're inspired by this medieval, yet timeless fable. We offer effective, bespoke communications strategies, specialist writing skills and project management expertise. We were established in 2002 and we're 100% female-owned, with a level 4 - BBEE rating. We specialise in innovative communication interventions. The company's specialists – strategists, writers, and event managers and media liaison officers – are behind the high-level development of your brand.

We offer bespoke communications strategies, public relations - including all stakeholder relations, crisis management, corporate communications and event management and media relations. We specialise in innovative communication interventions and have an in-depth knowledge of the media industry and we also have exceptional contacts in the print, online, broadcast and digital media sectors. This knowledge is leveraged on a client’s behalf using the right message, in the right place at the right time that will positively impact on relevant stakeholders and influencers.

We believe that a successful campaign relies on our understanding of the client’s business and ability to harness both the intellectual and emotional impressions that audiences have of companies and brands. It is vital to understand these perceptions and their connectivity and relevance to profits. Failure to do so can result in a dilution of real worth.


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