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iconWe provide an array of creative menus and ideas
iconWe strive to exceed all your expectations
iconWe have over 30 years of service

Superior Event Services specialises in off-premises catering. We have a professionally-built facility maintained by our talented and well-trained staff members. Whether you want an intimate dinner for two or an elaborate corporate or social event, we can create it. Our chef and his staff are dedicated to providing an array of creative menus and ideas to please your palate.

Our dedicated staff provides top level customer service to all of our clients and their guests. We strive to make your event, your success. From a veteran event consultant and banquet department manager to professional chefs and service staff, our people bring a unique blend of thought processes and experience without boundaries in the conceptual planning, implementation and execution of each and every event.

We’ve been in the food and beverage business since 1980 back east in a very competitive marketplace, and winning the Caterer of The Year award in 2005. We’ve grown into a successful enterprise consisting of over 40 employees. Our success comes from a much smaller concept - one-on-one service to every client. Each one of our staff members are meticulously trained not only to be johnny-on-the-spot but part of our family, a cohesive group that works together constantly to fine tune the fine art of off-premises catering.

If you grill us on our recipe for success, we present a consistent recipe for perfection, an uncanny eye for quality of the finest ingredients, details of accoutrements, and flair in presentation all to make it sizzle! We strive to exceed all expectations, yours and your guests and even ours! As we all know, you eat with your eyes and if the presentations are inviting, your taste buds are already dancing. Our exceptional portions of culinary triumphs are beautifully presented on fine china platters and themed party trays with an exquisite touch creating the perfect ambiance to enjoy.


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