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Teton Tent Rental

Monroe TownshipUnited States

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Teton Tent Rental serves the greater South Jersey/Philadelphia area. We rent beautiful and unique high-peak tents, lightweight canopies, brown and white chairs, tables, linens, lights and more. Call today for your next event! We are owner-operated, so you can expect the best service possible. Teton Tent Rental is your tent...

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Date Founded: 2005

  • We have over a decade of experience

  • We specialise in backyard tent rentals

  • We provide great service at an affordable price

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Rentals > Tents / marquees
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Teton Tent Rental
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Monroe Township, United States

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14 years

Teton Tent Rental
Tents / marquees
+1 856 617 1872+1 856 617 1872