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The Tablecloth Hiring Company provides a wide range of quality tablecloths and other linen for the events industry. The business supplies event linen directly to the man in the street, but has also become the National ‘go to’ wholesale supplier to the South African Events Industry.

The Tablecloth Hiring Company has been at the forefront of understanding the importance that linen plays in setting the stage for any event. Event décor is highly competitive and is a sensitive part of any event. This has necessitated an ever increasing range of choices to please all possibilities. As specialists who have avoided the temptation to branch into areas other than linen, The Tablecloth Hiring Company has continued to support the Events Industry in SA to be one of the world leaders in Event décor and Design.

The Tablecloth Hiring Company specifically does their own manufacturing and laundering, in-house, at each of their branches. This achieves the maximum amount of quality control and turnaround speeds. They are mostly open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which is a great asset to clients when there are last minute orders or additions.

The company is very proud of its service history and has supplied an enormous range of VIP events both in and out of SA.

However, its showrooms are equally the ideal place for anyone to pop into at any time to view the range, play with the fabrics and choose a great base for any event. The staff are available to assist, especially first timers!


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