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Tin Hall Located twenty miles northwest of Houston off U.S. Highway 290 at 14800 Huffmeister Road in Cypress, Texas, the Tin Hall Dance Hall is Harris County’s oldest honky-tonk. Except for a brief period between 1986 and 1990 during which time the hall underwent a temporary change of ownership, the facility has been hosting public events since 1889. Fred Stockton, a great-grandson of one of the area’s founding families, owned the establishment into 2014. 

The original building was constructed in 1878 in the town of Cypress. Soon after being completed, it was destroyed by a fire that was thought to have resulted from an unattended pot-bellied stove. A new building was constructed in 1890 out of corrugated tin with the financial support of the Cypress Gun and Rifle Club. In the 1890s the hall also was used as a gathering place for local dairy farmers. A second story and 4,400-square-foot dance floor were added in the 1920s, and by 2007 the total size was 24,000-square feet with a capacity of 1,200 people.

Not only did the hall house a still during Prohibition in the 1920s but it also withstood the great hurricane of 1900 and in fact still served as a designated hurricane shelter for Harris County in the early twenty-first century. At that time the Gun and Rifle Club still owned the building and leased it out as a dance hall. 


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