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iconTailor-made experiences

The Topaz Wine Company is here to help you have fun as you learn how to taste, appreciate, serve and entertain with wine. And, ... if you’re bold enough, to make your own wine! Of course if you already know quite a bit about wine you might just want to order some of our hand-crafted wines on-line.


  • practical wine tastings - introducing you to a sensory journey through the ‘world of wine’
  • Cape Wine Ambassador training on-line or in-house - designed to help you develop a basic understanding of wine
  • practical winemaking courses – providing you with a unique opportunity to make your own ‘garagiste’ wine
  • practical wine blending events – teambuilding has never been so much fun!
  • a limited premium range of our own Topaz wines as well as our unique ‘Custom Crush’ wines

So, whether you have no wine knowledge, or have some wine knowledge, or would like to learn how to taste wine before attending formal tastings, or would like to learn how to make your own wine, or cannot access courses in major centres, and want to learn about wine on-line or want to try hand-crafted ‘garagiste’ wines we’ll meet your needs … And then some!


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