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iconWe are specialist photographers.
iconWe are also very proud of launching the School Learner ID Card system.
iconVan Kalker is going strong since 1937 and continues to be a strong presence in the lives of the Cape Community.

Van Kalker Photography Studio has been serving the Western Cape community since 1937. Founded by Gerhardt van Kalker,Dutch immigrant who established the classic portrait studio in Woodstock Main Road. The studio became a landmark of District Six history and captured the diverse cultures that make Cape Town the cosmopolitan city it is and always has been. 

Van Kalker refined the art of Portrait Photography and many Cape Town families, regardless of their culture, grandparents or parents had a Van Kalker portrait. Countless individuals marked special occasions with a Van Kalker portrait.  

Van Kalker is synonymous with quality. 

That tradition endures even to this day and is preserved. Currently more than 200 000 negatives are in storage, some displayed at the District Six Museum. Presently we are engaged in a project to archive and record the rich history of Cape culture through the families who visited the studio over the years.

Van Kalker is proud to be an iconic photographic studio and continues to contribute to the community.


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