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Velocity Global, LLC

Changing the Way Companies Expand Overseas

Velocity Global is the leading global employment solutions provider that has reinvented the way companies expand overseas. 

With unparalleled expertise in over 185 countries, we deliver best-in-class service and innovative solutions that enable companies to feel confident breaking into new markets. 

Our services include International PEO, global immigration, payroll, recruiting, and consulting to help companies achieve their global growth goals. Our International PEO solution gets companies into new markets up to 90% faster while reducing the cost of global expansion by up to 60%. 

Companies trust Velocity Global to ensure a compliant, efficient, and flexible global expansion.

Through thousands of client experiences, we recognized that companies need a faster, less expensive, and more flexible option for entering new global markets.  More specifically, companies need an alternative to the typical response of “just set up a subsidiary and in about six months you should be able to run your first payroll”.  

Taking advantage of the sharing economy of the 21st Century, you can think of us as the Airbnb of international expansion - leverage our infrastructure to get you into over 185 countries… and counting.

Rating & Reviews

Date Founded: 2014
  • Unparalleled expertise
  • Presence in over 185 countries
  • Innovative global employment solutions