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Vunga Catering and Event Services Profile:

As a company that offers a catering service, our core function would be; the provision of a unique and customized catering service to an array of customers across the spectrum of South African society such as:
• Government Departments
• Municipalities
• Industry private sectors
• Hospitals
• Schools
• Churches
• Private individuals, e.g. weddings, parties, funerals.

The big idea behind the establishment of Vunga is to be found within the tremendous social and economic changes that have taken place in the transformation of all South African society. The need has been identified in that many individuals prefer to get an external catering company, rather than prepare the food in their own homes for functions such as: birthday celebrations, weddings, funeral etc.

It is the caterer or the wedding planner, who are the people engaged to carry out the most important and most memorable task – the preparation and quality of the food.

Vunga aspires to fill the gap of being the preferred service provider or caterer in South African society. It wants to complement the social aspirations of the South African society who now find themselves possessing decent amounts of disposable incomes and enjoying a standard of life which hitherto had been unattainable.


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