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iconYears of experience.
iconExperienced consultants.
icon Exceptional service, style and sophistication.

Years of experince in the tourism trade, gives them an understanding of the business and the importance of service, reliability and attention to detail.

The safari scene has changed radically and the opportunities are now endless. If you want to peer politely at Africa and see it at a glimpse, or broaden your view and experience the first raindrops on a sun-scorched earth, they can help you. Or if you want the entire panorama - to live it, understand it, touch it, smell it, feel it - they can make an itinerary you will never forget. 

You can  rough it or to take it in degrees of sparkling luxury.

They are a small team of experienced consultants, ensuring the intimacy of their interaction  that the charm of travel does not disappear from an increasingly internet-driven industry. 


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