Targeted advertising for your events business

Advertising agencies offer complex and expensive options that often don’t deliver what event professionals need.

Eventerprise has simplified the marketing process for event businesses with EventerAds, a range of easy-to-understand marketing products.

Our transparent pricing makes it much easier and quicker to choose the right marketing product for your event business.

Search Booster

Help potential clients find your Eventerprise business page even quicker by moving it to the top of category and keyword searches on Eventerprise.com. For only $199 you can make sure that everyone sees your page first when they search in your category.

  • $199/mo

    • Put your business front and center. The ideal option for increasing your exposure during, or prior to, a particular event season. The Search Booster ensures that your business is placed at the top of search results within a relevant category.
  • $169/mo

    Buy$2028 billed annually
    • Maximize your exposure, grow your business and ensure that potential clients always see your name in the number one spot when they're searching for services or browsing vendors in your area.

Social Boosters

Figuring out how to make your business visible on social media is complicated and experimentation can be expensive. That’s why we have developed our cost-effective Social Booster packs. Just choose an option and we’ll take care of the rest.

We use cutting-edge advertising technology and customised audience targeting to promote your Eventerprise profile to potential clients across social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, making sure that your name gets in front of the right people.

  • $499/7 days

    • A 7 day EventerAds campaign is best suited to promote your business around a particular event, for example, the opening of a new branch or launch of a new product or service. Launch this campaign today to increase your brand's exposure to potential clients.
  • $1799/30 days

    • For best results, choose the 30 day EventerAds campaign and put your business in front of potential clients specifically looking for your services. Choosing a longer campaign means that more people will have the opportunity to discover your business and submit Direct RFPs* to you.
    • *Direct RFPs are available to Premium Vendors.
  • $899/14 days

    • The 14 day EventerAds campaign is what we recommend for Vendors who are new to digital advertising for their business. Consider it a paid trial of the 30 day campaign.

How does the pricing work?

Our Customer Success team, in collaboration with our partners, applies the funds you pay directly to the purchase of advertising space on third-party platforms after deducting an administration fee for the execution and management of the EventerAds campaign. We apply zero hidden mark-ups or backend fees.

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