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Your free-for-life digital presence starts here

Give your event business the digital exposure that it deserves with a custom profile made free of charge by us. Entice potential clients with multimedia options that showcase all your details, accolades, and offerings in a beautifully engaging manner. An Eventerprise profile helps you sell your services, products, or venues by making it easy for clients to find, share and connect with you.

The early bird catches the worm

Priority Notification

Our automated EventerQuote/RFP system has made it super easy for potential clients to get their requests for quotes or proposals to qualified suppliers like you. Premium subscribers get an early head-start on new business with priority notifications of the latest quote/proposal requests delivered to their inbox. Be the early bird and catch that worm!

Stop wasting valuable client feedback

It's the 21st century and nobody is interested in what you have to say about your business. Shocking but true: these days 90% of us look at what other consumers have to say before making a purchase. However, most consumers do not trust feedback on your website. The solution? Display your reviews on a transparent 3rd party platform. Airbnb did it for accommodation, TripAdvisor did it for travel, and Eventerprise is doing it for events. Fact: the more reviews, the higher your sales conversion. So get a premium account that allows you to display unlimited reviews.

If you are not digital, you may as well not exist


Search enigine optimisation (SEO) is the digital art of making sure that Google and others can find all your business details and display it in the most prominent and engaging manner when someone searches for your services, products or venue. It is complicated, technical and time-consuming, which is why we have made sure that your Eventerprise profile has all the SEO bells and whistles to help potential customers find you. Profile category and keyword selection play an important role too, which is why premium profiles can select up to 10 categories and 20 keywords.

Sometimes it is about who you know

Supplier Connections

Industry connections and relationships are crucial for success, probably nowhere more so than in the event industry. They're not only good for operational success, but fulfil a key marketing function in building trust with your clients. Potential customers are more likely to consider you if you are connected to other well-regarded industry players. That's why we've made it easy for you to display those relationships so that you can build trust and demonstrate your professionalism.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure

You have a GP for physical check-ups. Now you can measure the total digital performance of your business too, with Doc EventerScore. Find out how your business is doing online and make the improvements that will drive more clients your way. EventerScore is the first digital analysis tool for your event business, and best of all - it's 100% free to use.

We make sure you stay in control


Your Eventerprise dashboard is a mini control room that helps you stay on top of all your profile activities and interactions. Track your profile performance with daily EventerScore updates and an audience overview that includes profile views, shares, and reviews. Notifications of new requests for quotes and proposals give you a competitive edge, while newsflashes keep you up to date with event industry news and insights.

Show off your accomplishments with Eventerprise badges!

  • Eventerscore74

    TopX%In Category


    The world’s first (free) digital performance tool for your event business.

  • Premium Member

    Premium Member

    A Premium Member badge indicates if the event supplier has access to all our premium features.

  • Newcomer


    This badge is displayed when the event supplier is a newcomer to the Eventerprise community.

  • Awards


    An Awards badge is shown if the event supplier has earned any industry awards, accolades and for special achievements.

  • Trending


    Event supplier profiles that have received more than 20 views over the preceding 30 days can show off their popularity with a Trending badge.

  • Years of service5

    Years of service

    This badge shows how long the event supplier has been in business, based on the year founded.

  • Reviews5


    One of the most important badges in the Eventerprise universe. It indicates the number of reviews the event supplier has received on

  • Trusted Supplier

    Trusted Supplier

    Feedback is vital to a good reputation and building trust. A Trusted Supplier badge verifies perceived trust based on the number and quality of reviews on

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See where you rank with EventerScore badges!

The first (free) digital performance tool for your event business.

  • Eventerscore74

    TopX%In Category

    Get your EventerScore and make the digital improvements that will grow your business.

    Get my eventerscore“Because you can’t manage what you don’t measure.”
  • Rising Star
    Rising Star

    Out of the blocks. Established a digital presence and ready to grow from there.

  • Shooting Star
    Shooting Star

    Hitting their straps. Have made some good improvements to their digital presence. Getting ready to move to the next level.

  • All Star

    Making a mark on their digital presence. Going the extra mile to ensure a quality experience for potential clients.

  • Super star
    Super star

    Masters of their digital presence. Up to date with the latest best practices to make sure their digital presence stands out from the crowd.

  • Grand Champion
    Grand Champion

    Leading from the front when it comes to a quality digital presence. Covered all the digital angles and then some more to ensure a superb experience for potential clients.

Best value Promise

The Eventerprise Best Value Promise

Eventerprise is fiercely committed to fixing the fragmented events industry and its lack of benchmarks

That means making event suppliers of all types and sizes across the world:
  • more visible | more trusted | more connected
We are constantly improving our value offering to you by:
  • developing new digital products and services to make your lives easier
  • always delivering an exemplary customer experience to all our users
  • showing deep respect for your privacy and any data we collect
Our promise to event suppliers:

With an Eventerprise profile you will be more visible online, more trusted due to our transparent review system, and ultimately better connected to potential clients.

Our promise to event hosts:

Find, compare and connect with transparently reviewed event suppliers on a trusted platform, faster and more secure than anywhere else.

Case studies

Desert River’s Eventerprise profile not only makes them highly searchable in their events category and location but also gives potential clients the opportunity to compare them to their competition based on verified reviews and ratings. Badges displaying their awards, years of service and popularity contribute to building trust with visitors to their profile.

Innovative Hiring has a fairly good digital presence, but they have been missing one key element - the ability to showcase their extensive expertise in the event furniture hiring field. Great client feedback on a transparent industry platform would enable them to build further trust with their desired target market.

As a leading designer and provider of structures for exclusive public, corporate, and private events across the Middle East, Harlequin Arena is a well-known brand with an extensive digital footprint. The only thing missing was a presence on a neutral industry platform where they could display their great work to maximum effect.