Case Study – Expo Stars

Eventerprise Case Study:

Expo Stars

Eventerprise Case Study:

Expo Stars

Event category: exhibition strategies, promotional staff, trade show presenters

The supplier

UK-based Expo Stars helps trade show exhibitors worldwide improve their return on investment through effective attendee engagement strategies.

The challenge

The digital landscape is constantly changing and trying to keep up with the latest trends can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to digital marketing.

At Expo Stars, we come to work each day because we want to make a difference and achieve success for our clients and staff.

The solution

Eventerprise’s sophisticated search algorithm and automated request for proposal system allow potential clients across industry categories and geographical locations to find and connect with Expo Stars, while its transparent review mechanism provides the social proof that builds trust with their target audience.
Case Study Expo Stars Eventerprise

The Expo stars story

Lee Ali started Expo Stars in August 2007 in his bedroom in Manchester, UK after he had his lightbulb moment. The purpose of the company was to help companies attending exhibitions improve their sales by improving how things were done. Ali initially focused on exhibitions in London with a small team of ten promotion staff and presenters.
The company has since grown and built an international network of over 2500 professional promotional staff. Each member of the Expo Stars team has a passion for proactive engagement and is dedicated to driving and delivering the results their clients need.
Expo Stars will first try to understand their client’s business and exhibition objectives before creating a compelling attendee engagement strategy.
They tailor their training methods to suit the needs of their client’s staff to elevate the exhibition’s performance to another level.
Expo Stars focuses on business sectors ranging from aviation, automotive and pharma/medical to construction. The team is experienced and has had a presence at major exhibitions like CES, Mobile World, Congress, Arab Health, and Big 5. Over the years the company has built strong relationships with all their stakeholders in the exhibition chain from exhibitors, exhibition organisers, exhibition houses to advertising and marketing agencies. Expo Stars has approached the way they do business in the same manner from the beginning – with simplicity and honesty.

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