Case Study – Stream7

Eventerprise Case Study:

Stream 7

Eventerprise Case Study:

Stream 7

Event category: event services, broadcasting and telecoms, broadcast facilities and services

The supplier

UK-based Stream7 offers full-stack expertise, technology and services for the filming and live broadcasting of events.

The challenge

Event broadcasting via live streams, webcasting, or video has become a buzzword in the events industry causing the market to become saturated. For Stream7 to stay relevant in their event category, they need to reach a global audience and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

“With our expertise and technology, Stream7 brings audiences and events together to make everyone feel they are a part of a high-end, television-quality event.”

The solution

The Stream7 team is au fait with digital transformation, but their clients may not be or have little understanding of what they do. A presence on will allow Stream7 to display their offerings to potential clients across the world who can view their portfolio of work and feedback from existing clients on a transparent industry platform so that they can make informed decisions.

Case Study Stream7 Eventerprise

The Stream7 story

Stream7 was started in 2013 by a group of enthusiastic videographers, live sound engineers, graphic designers, event production managers, and IT specialists. The team knows what works for events and are dedicated to achieving and delivering the very best results for their clients.
Live broadcasting has become a buzzword in the events industry which is why Stream7 has continuously been building and investing in new tech to improve their offerings. They provide the technology, services, and expertise to easily broadcast an event online, which gives people all over the world the chance to view and be part of an event from the comfort of their home or office.

The broadcasts that Stream7 creates are viewable on Android tablets, iPad, iPhone, Mac, and PC and the team are happy to work alongside a client’s design team to create the perfect broadcast for their event. Stream7 works with a wide variety of clients ranging from medical companies, sports events, entertainment to product launches. Stream7 offers their clients turnkey solutions for all their event broadcasting needs.

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