targeted advertising for

your events business

targeted advertising for​ your events business​

Advertising agencies offer complex and expensive options that often don’t deliver what event professionals need. Eventerprise has simplified the marketing process for event businesses with a range of easy-to-understand marketing products that delivers what it says on the tin. Transparent pricing makes it much easier and quicker to choose the right marketing product for your business.

Mail Boosters

Promote your Eventerprise profile in one of our newsletter campaigns.


Search Booster

Put your Eventerprise profile at the top of category search results.


Content Boosters

A high-impact description of your business written by a professional copywriter.


Social Boosters

Cutting-edge technology and customised audience targeting that promote your Eventerprise profile across social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

from $499

Ad Boosters

Intelligent, automated placement and optimisation of digital ads that promote your business on and off the Eventerprise platform

from $4999


Six or twelve month subscriptions that include an ‘always on’ digital advertising campaign, a custom EventerProfile, and access to premium platform features

from $899

Profile Boosters

Throw a spotlight on your Eventerprise profile and get more leads with three profile boosting options

Mail Booster: A mail booster promotes your Eventerprise profile in one of our newsletter campaigns and will help you reach thousands of subscribers and potential clients. $75 gets your business in front of a whole new audience and best of all, they are all interested in events. No more shotgun advertising!

Search Booster: Help potential clients find your Eventerprise profile even quicker by moving it to the top of category searches with a search booster. For only $199 you can make sure that everyone sees your profile first when they search in your category.

Content Booster: Our team of professional copywriters will make sure that you stand out from the crowd by writing a detailed, high-impact description of your business and its activities.

At a cost of $99 for up to 1000 words, you can have all the facets of your business showcased in an elegant and engaging manner. This is an opportunity to tell the story of your business so that potential clients can identify with it on a more personal level, creating trust and kick-starting a win-win relationship

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Social Boosters

Figuring out how to make your business visible on social media is complicated and experimentation can be expensive. That’s why we have developed our cost-effective Social Booster packs. Just choose an option and we’ll take care of the rest.

We use cutting-edge advertising technology and customised audience targeting to promote your Eventerprise profile to potential clients across social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, making sure that your name gets in front of the right people.

1 week: $499

2 weeks: $899
4 weeks: $1799

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Ad Boosters

Digital advertising is expensive. So who better to promote your business in a cost-effective way than the global platform for the events industry? We use advanced programmatic technology to promote your business with affordable custom ads on and off the Eventerprise platform.

Choose from three easy-to-understand ad booster options, let us know where (geographical location) and when you’d like an ad for your business to appear and our advertising specialists will increase your profile views while you focus on running your business.

Case studies

Let us promote your business. Find out if you qualify for an Eventerprise case study.

Supplier: Desert River

Event Category: event rental, furniture and lighting solutions

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