Put your digital presence on steroids

Eventerprise add-on products have all been developed with your event business in mind. Use them to further increase your brand exposure on and off the Eventerprise platform.


Profile Boosters

Throw a spotlight on your Eventerprise profile. Learn More.

Mail Booster
Search Booster
Content Booster

Social Boosters

Figuring out how to make your business visible on social media is complicated and experimentation can be expensive.


That’s why we have developed our cost-effective Social Booster packs. Just choose an option and we’ll take care of the rest.



Ad Boosters

Digital advertising is expensive. So who better to promote your business in a cost-effective way than the global platform for the events industry?


We use advanced programmatic technology to promote your business with affordable custom ads on and off the Eventerprise platform.



Profile Boosters

Get your Eventerprise profile noticed with one of these profile boosting options. Boosted profiles are visited by more potential clients because they are so prominent.

Mail Booster

A Mail Booster that promotes your Eventerprise profile in one of our newsletter campaigns will help you reach thousands of subscribers and potential clients.


$75 gets your business in front of a whole new audience and best of all, they are all interested in events. No more shotgun advertising!


per campaign

Search Booster

Help potential clients find your Eventerprise profile even quicker by moving it to the top of category searches with a Search Booster.


For only $199 you can make sure that everyone sees your profile first when they search in your category.


per month

Content Booster

Our team of professional copywriters will make sure that you stand out from the crowd by writing a detailed, high-impact description of your business and its activities.


Since quality content is the number one determining factor in search results this may be one of the best investments you have ever made.


up to 1000 words

Social Boosters

Our Social Booster options are not only more affordable but also tailored-made for your event-related business. Which means these bad boys will get your brand message to the right target audience, whether it is on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.


for 1 week


for 2 weeks


for 4 weeks

Ad Boosters

Digital advertising is a complicated affair and with most agencies offering zillions of options it easy to get lost in hot air and expensive campaigns that don’t deliver on their promises. That’s why we have created 3 straight-forward digital advertising boosters that do exactly what they say on the packaging.

You can either use our customisable template or provide your own ad creative.

We use advanced data-driven targeting to get your ad in front of audiences on a wide variety of event and category specific websites.

We make use of intelligent remarketing to position targeted ads in front of potential clients who have already visited your profile.

We distribute your ad across all the Eventerprise platform categories.

You will receive a detailed monthly ad performance report.


for 1 month


for 2 months


for 3 months

Case studies


Desert River

Desert River wanted to attract new clients who had not yet heard of them, in spite of their extensive experience and market positioning. An Eventerprise profile helped them to display all their hard-won industry affiliations and valuable client feedback- allowing them to build trust, grow brand recognition, and promoting them as leaders within their events category.


Illuma Lamps

Illuma needed to rise above the noise of generic events-related content on the web. Eventerprise provided the ideal platform for them to showcase their innovative work, industry connections and past-client reviews to help them stand out from their competition.


Tee and Putt

Tee and Putt has a diverse target market and needed a way to reach different audiences, from corporate prospects to private individuals and tourists. Through multiple category options and optimised keywords on Eventerprise.com, Tee and Putt are now able to engage with their ideal target audience.

What they say about us

I've been hosting small to medium size events for a few years now and it has never been easier since I started using Eventerprise.com. This platform really streamlines the complex journey of every event. Thanks a lot guys and keep up the stellar work.
Conor O'Hare
Eventerprise have taken a simple concept (connecting those planning an event with those vendors and venues who provide services to such events) and have created a market leading and innovative platform to put the two together.
Ben Sims
So refreshing to be able to source all requirements in one portal - one stop shop - no more endless browsing. Definitely the solution for meeting the busy persons needs. Great idea and great site.