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boot camp for students and recent graduates

EventerCamp Internships

digital and entrepreneurial boot camp for students and recent graduates

Eventerprise is an early-stage SaaS platform that is transforming the world of events. As a startup, if there’s one thing we know, it’s that starting out is hard work! That’s why we understand the predicament of students and recent graduates trying to get started with their careers.

We believe that the most challenging aspect of knowledge acquisition is its practical application, closely followed by finding the right environment to apply that knowledge. That’s why we have developed a proven track-record of building a world class digital business with the help of talented students and graduates from across the world. In return we offer a real-world learning experience in a pioneering environment that embraces agile methodologies.

Our vision

The EventerCamp programme aims to develop students (Young Guns) and recent graduates (PostGrads) on both a personal and professional level, equipping them with the necessary digital, business management, and leadership skills to be successful in their chosen careers. Currently EventerCamp internships are available at our hub in Cape Town, South Africa, and on a remote basis in the USA.  

What makes EventerCamp different from other internships?

Most young people who participate in EventerCamp do so in order to fast-track their knowledge and skills in a real-world environment that offers the opportunity to contribute to go-to-market projects. They are assisted every step of the way by hands-on coaching from accomplished business leaders. In return for their enthusiasm and commitment over the duration of their internship period, EventerCamp Young Guns and PostGrads can expect personal, professional, leadership, and entrepreneurial growth not easily found elsewhere.

It must also be noted that under South African legislation we are not permitted to pay international interns. We have instead made digital and entrepreneurial empowerment the focus of the Young Gun and PostGrad programmes. International students who would like to participate in an Eventerprise internship, but are short of funds, are often eligible for corporate, academic or non-profit sponsorship. This would need to be organised by the candidates themselves though.
We are also doing our bit in this regard through our Africa’s Got Digital Talent campaign that promotes sponsorship for talented young African students who do not have the resources to attend an unpaid internship otherwise.

“Eventerprise is the first global company to be more than 50% powered by interns.”

 – Gotz Thumecke, Co-founder​


Executive Rookie approach

Our Executive Rookie System identifies and further develops Young Guns and PostGrads who made exceptional contributions during their EventerCamp internships. Our flat hierarchy allows rookies to work directly with our experienced leadership team on high-level projects with the potential to fast-track their careers.

Meet one of our current rookies: Malikah Dollie

Your coaches

Co-founder & CEO

As CEO, Birgit is part of Eventerprise's executive team and responsible for a broad portfolio that includes corporate affairs, finance and operations, and global talent acquisition. Her twenty plus years in executive and operational management roles within the global airline industry adds substantial business leadership and customer experience insight to the Eventerprise management team.
Read Birgit's thoughts on leadership

Co-founder & CTO

As CEO and co-founder of Eventerprise Götz takes the lead in all key aspects of the business, with special emphasis on overall strategy, sales, marketing, and product development. His 20+ year experience of developing marketing-, branding-, and customer-experience strategies and an enthusiastic leadership style have played a pivotal role in Eventerprise's evolution from incipient idea to active global platform with participation in 80+ countries..
Read Gotz's thoughts on sales.

Co-founder & Chief Event Officer

A 25-year veteran of the global events industry, Charlie brings invaluable industry insights and the proven ability to supervise large commercial operations and foster new relations to the Eventerprise executive team. As co-founder his portfolio includes the driving of overall vision and strategy, taking the lead in international investor outreach, and presenting the Eventerprise value proposition to strategic partners..
Read Charlie's thoughts on entrepreneurship.

VP Growth

Barry's decade long marketing career has seen him acquire experience in programmatic advertising, digital customer experience, e-commerce, social advertising, and social media strategy across five continents and several, diverse verticals. Barry's primary focus is on employing the latest programmatic advertising technology to support both demand generation and digital sales.

VP Research and Development

Born and raised in Vadodara, India, Tirth Bodawala holds a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Engineering from Shrinathji Institute of Technology and Engineering. He is an avid explorer of new technologies and has been working as a Technical Architect for more than five years. When he is not leading the front-end development of the Eventerprise platform he is a regular contributor to open-source projects such as hapi-pagination, layerswp, and react-pwa.

The application process

EventerCamp alumni

“I was not just able to write content that related to my interests regarding socially responsible business and women in tech and VC, but was also granted full reign of creating and executing a corporate social responsibility project (South Africa’s Got Digital Talent), which I built from the ground-up with our CEO, Gotz, and with major help from many other members of the team.” –Lillian Gabreski (USA), Content Marketing PostGrad
“Popups have played a significant role in the latter part of my internship. I was supposed to create a whole new popup system, and so I did. It took a lot of meetings, many helping hands, and quite a few weeks to develop a system that worked. Although the system is still in its infancy I am happy to say that I have been part of the creation process.” – Clan Schuur (Netherlands), Graphic Design Young Gun
“During my 4 years of studying international business and management at the University of Applied Science in Utrecht, I haven’t learned nearly as much about different management styles, strategy formation, marketing, finance and various other aspects of business as I am learning at Eventerprise” – Justin Plagis (Netherlands), Investor Relations & Sales Young Gun

Frequently asked questions

Eventerprise is a fast-paced, goal-driven startup and each team within the company has different requirements for candidates. In general, candidates should enjoy working in a demanding and agile environment. The ability to communicate well and play nice within a tightly knit team would stand you in good stead, as would a thirst to learn new things and willingness to get things done. An interest in what Eventerprise does is essential and we love innovative ideas that help to grow the company.

1. Gain experience in a fast-paced, digital environment
2. Learn to lead with confidence and work as part of a driven team
3. Develop your critical thinking skills
4. Develop a global perspective on business development
5. Develop an understanding of the platform economy and Event Tech
6. Take charge of go-to-market projects
7. Work closely with our founders, Götz Thümecke & Charlie Wright
8. Work with students from all over the world
9. Have the opportunity to live and work in Cape Town, voted the world’s best city to visit.

At Eventerprise we prefer to do the walk rather than the talk, but there are a few fundamental philosophies that we live by every day.

Learn about our fast-forward culture

Our office hours are 09:00 to 18:00 from Monday to Friday. We have our early birds and night owls who are at work at the crack of dawn and leave well after sundown but that’s because they love their job so much. The time flies by so quickly that most of us don’t even realize when it’s time to go home for the day.

Several of our EventerCamp Alumni have gone on to work at Eventerprise in a permanent position.  Malikah is a permanent member of our design team and started out as a Young Gun. Laylah went from being a Young Gun to the Junior Team Lead for User Experience Design. Craig started, who is the Junior Finance and Operations Manager, and Khaya who is now one of our Digital Marketers both began their Eventerprise journey as Young Guns..

Then there’s Chris, who did not one, but two internships before eventually becoming our US CFO.

In most instances, a degree in the required field is essential, supported by some relevant work experience. However, we will consider candidates who display the necessary skills through portfolio samples or projects they have worked on.

Eventerprise has partnered with various internship companies that assist students and graduates who would like to work at our offices in Cape Town, South Africa.

Please note that we do not cover your cost of living while you are in Cape Town. Click here to find out more about how you can fund your international internship. 

The internship program at Eventerprise runs for 3 to 6 months and we advertise available openings throughout the year as current Young Guns finish their internships.

We offer career defining internship opportunities to recent graduates and postgraduates from all over the world. Eventerprise allows smart young people to develop multiple skills in an advanced tech-orientated environment, while simultaneously growing as people and leaders. We are very proud to play a role in the career development of the Young Guns and PostGrads who join our team.

Demand Generation, Revenue Operations, Social Media Management, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Business Management, Graphic Design, User Experience, Financial Management, Data Management, and Talent Acquisition. 

Project focus areas include: global go-to-market strategies, future trend innovation, consumer dynamics, competitor analysis, and investor outreach.

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