Dev updates


This log chronicles the ongoing development of the Eventerprise platform and its associated products as well as the new products, features, and upgrades we have planned for the future.

Latest Updates

4 July 2017

Update : Update dashboard message
Added : Claim of profile analytics
Added : Show default description in accordance to Supplier-Type
Added : New design implementation of Feature page
Update : Meta data for pages and search – SEO
Added : Add link in footer for ‘News Updates’
Update : Allow checker to forward profiles to Activator

30 June 2017

Bug : Update reviews when listing changes.
Feature : Show limited reviews to free user
Bug : Show loader when switching between Listing
Bug : Improve tab change in RFP from Quick to Detailed view
Bug : Add Currency selector in header
Feature : Change map zoom based on radius focus
New : New pricing page
Bug : Allow searching of empty location
Feature : Add default logo & gallery image for newly created Listing
Feature : Checker can now activate profiles
Feature : Display notification icon in header

27 June 2017

Added : Search by city, state and country
Fixed : Correct profile badges display conditions
Fixed : Add pinterest, instagram & Google plus links on profile

26 June 2017

Added : Add currency selector to pricing page
Added : Effect in category to show which category is selected or display mouse hover effect
Added : Rating filter in search
Added : Status options for profile makers and checkers
Added : Case studies in pricing page
Added : Setup notification for dev-updates
Fixed : Corrections for skip button in RFP
Fixed : Hide Notification code
Fixed : Correct free trial url
Fixed : Correction in dashboard for mobile
Fixed : Corrections in categories title
Fixed : Corrections in icon display
Fixed : Correct statistics number display in dashboard
Fixed : Correction in header for notifications
Fixed : Improve scroll, support for IE9
Fixed : Remove react-cookies and use localstorage
Fixed : Status display as per user role for profile makers and checkers
Fixed : Corrections in status options for profile makers
Fixed : Typing animation on homepage
Updated : Pricing page
Updated : Keywords and descriptions (SEO)
Updated : Contact us popup

20 June 2017

Updated : Allow segment only in production env
Updated : Reducing backspace speed on homepage typing animation
Updated : Search bar changes
Added : Events updated to include user location and category
Added : Packages added for logger
Added : Non typing text to mobile view
Added : Updating typing effect on homepage
Added : Contact us popup
Added : Set up mobile verification modal
Added : Filter by rating, map.
Fixed : Redirect to search page on click of search button in header
Fixed : Solve the location and loader bug in EventerSearch
Fixed : Display auth-check page properly
Fixed : Corrections in text in pricing page
Fixed : Corrections in billing module
Fixed : Solve pagination bug on search page
Fixed : Close on pressing enter
Fixed : Put loader if profile is opened from search bar and search box
Fixed : Resolve breaking of search on multiple keywords and categories
Updated : Change public key for trustytribe
Updated : Do not show more link in people viewed my profile if less data and show proper message if no data

Coming Soon

Next 2 months

Revamped Architecture
EventerQuote/RFP Version 2.0
Sponsored Search Result Placement
EFT Payments
Network EffectsSearch synonyms and typo tolerance
Search sort by popularity and relevance
Payment NPS
Eventerprise Public API
EventerProfile Sales