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Write for Us!

Share your thoughts with our audience

Write for Us!

share your thoughts with our audience

It is part of our mission to give everyone in the entire events industry a voice, no matter where you are situated or in what capacity you are involved. If you have something interesting to say about any event-related topic, you are welcome to submit blog posts, videos, or infographics to us for publication on our platform.

Here's a summary of our parameters

Minimum length: 

750 words



Guest posts are published subject to a quality check. Please make sure grammar, spelling, and syntax are 100%, and that the content is interesting, relevant, and valuable. We try to steer clear of generic content.


Backlinks & Promotional Content: 

Please limit backlinks to one per 250 words. Note that we do not permit overly promotional content. For that we suggest you consider one of our EventerAds products.



Only submit original content owned and produced by yourself.



Anything that is event related, whether from a client, host, supplier, or vendor’s perspective. If you represent the latest event tech or event application we would like to hear from you too.